Dorset 2018 Retreat

First experience of a retreat and what a fabulous experience. Relaxed but beautifully organised. Great range of classes and company. Am looking forward to the next one. Anne

Thank you so much Alison – its been fantastic. Wonderful weather, lovely people. Leaving feeling healthier and fitter. Diana

Thank you for such a lovely weekend. Such a beautiful venue with amazing fresh meals, fantastic activities and fabulous company. I have thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed all of the Pilates sessions along with the different meditations and activities. I look forward to the next one. Jo

Corfu 2018 Retreat

“What a truly magnificent and memorable retreat to Corfu this year, facilitated by the extremely professional and experienced teacher, Alison Jacobs.  This was my first Pilates’ retreat and it exceeded my expectations:-  wonderful location, expert tuition and a very relaxing atmosphere.  It definitely will not be my last.  Alison is a truly wonderful teacher and my body benefited immensely from the exercises we learnt and my soul was soothed and expanded by the deep meditations we received each day…. I cannot recommend this more highly so be sure not to miss Alison’s future retreats….. I will definitely be repeating this wonderfully rejuvenating and enlivening experience”  Thank you Alison.


Gongbath Feedback

I found it very healing – I loved the sounds. This was the first time I’d experienced a gong bath. I felt at one point, like i had gone back in time to some ancestral past. Bronwen

Amazing experience. Wonderful sounds that vibrate through the body at different times. Relaxing and calming. thank you Alison for  this experience of gongbathing. Looking forward to my next experience. Serena

My first gong meditation and it was amazing. My throat chakra has been blocked and the sounds made me cough until it cleared. Felt very light, less tense and very relaxed afterwards. Definitely would love this experience again. Dawn

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