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Hi and welcome to my website.

I am Alison Jacobs and delighted to bring you Gong Sound Bath, Energy Healing, Yoga, Pilates and Massage therapies.

Whether you are looking for a private session, a group or to visit an event then take a look at whats available for you

The frequencies of sound can affect us on a deeper cellular level and influence how we feel and move.

A gong sound bath (which means bathing in the sounds of the gongs – so no water is involved) uses the vibrations and frequencies to help reduce stress, tension, aches and pains and create a sense of peace and well being.

I play the gongs intuitively in a therapeutic way and they are amazingly powerful at bringing about a state of relaxation.

As everyone can have a different experience I cannot tell anyone what to expect from a session. Even within a group session its still all very personal which again makes the gongs just wonderful instruments.

Celebrate all things feminine in this bi- monthly circle, dedicated to the child we used to be , the women we are now and the women we have yet to become. Starting the circle with a heart opening cup of raw cacao drink (herbal tea available) we will be guided through a meditation, journal our thoughts, work with oracle cards, bring some movement to the body (no experience needed) and feel joy, peace and calm and connect with other like minded women and share in a safe non judgemental environment. Gongbath to finish. 

In various forms Reiki, Crystal, Spiritual Healing work all brings in the universal energy that is channelled through me to work for your highest good. To aid stress, tension, aches and pains, depression. Boosts mood, Promotes stimulation of the body immune system and natural self healing and brings about a sense of peace and calm.                                                                                                 note: Energy healing is not a substitute for professional medical treatment and you should always consult your Doctor for advice




Whether you want to relax or have some aching niggles that need a little working out then book in for a massage.

With a choice of a Full Body,  Head, Neck and Shoulders or Back, Neck and Shoulders there is something for everyone…Hot Stones also available

Massage helps to Lower Blood Pressure, improves muscle and skin tone swell as reduce anxiety plus many more benefits.



Retreats are usually 2 or 3 nights over a weekend and fabulous to restore and recharge yourself amongst a group of likeminded people in wonderful surroundings. They are laid back and incorporate a mix of yoga, pilates, meditation, gong sound baths. Food is provided throughout so take a look at what each retreat has to offer.

Checkout various workshops mostly held on Saturdays. Ranging from an afternoon of yoga and gong sound baths, cacao circles, meditation and creativity sessions all to aid well-being and that feel good factor.

I currently am not running any group yoga or pilates sessions but working 1-2-1/2-1 – contact me for info



When we neglect our diets and exercise then wonder why we struggle to climb a flight of stairs or where this extra weight has come from we usually take action but if we feel stressed in life generally we don’t think about our mental health. Start by being kind to yourself. Our bodies were made to move.  Take that exercise class, you’ve been thinking about. Go for a walk in the fresh air.  Cook a meal from scratch rather than phone for a takeaway. Everything in moderation.  With our ever busy lives its important to remember to give yourself some time…..as the saying goes..”you can’t pour from an empty cup”.


This will then help you manage your daily life with more ease, less stress and a general sense of well-being.


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