A Little About Me

This page is still a work in progress....please bare with me



There are more people in need of healing than are doing it….

 I have spent 30 years in the fitness industry teaching a range of group fitness classes from the heady days of high impact (feel the burn) aerobics and step right through to Pilates and Zumba with a small blip somewhere in there undergoing treatment for cervical cancer of which I can happily say I am now 11 years clear of. I never really managed to slow down and that did take its toll on me mentally and physically. I started to feel that there was something else for me and signed up to a one day develop your physic awareness day. This lead me into a weekend retreat, which once started then opened up a whole new world. Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Healing and giving myself time to work on me and my hidden shadows which is still a work in progress. I made a life changing decision to leave my marriage and move back to Yorkshire where I knew I wanted to focus on healing work. Finding gong sound therapy is  one of the best things I have found to do. I cannot express the joy it fills me with and want to share that with everyone. Then more recently I spent a month in India immersing myself in the culture to study for my Yoga Teacher Training Qualification. This has given me a renewed sense of purpose and direction and understanding. I believe that we can all feel good about ourselves and its not how we look but how we feel and interact with others and allowing that happiness to spread. 

As i now find myself in menopause it has brought to light the struggles that many women go through at this phase of their lives whether they are peri/menopausal or through the other end the impact is massive. There are so many different ways it can affect us, physically, mentally, emotionally and so much more that the cacao circles are a fantastic space for us to come together and share in a non judgemental space and realise that we are not on our own with this time of life and that we can be thankful,  for it is denied to many.


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