Gong Sound Bath


Book and pay via PayPal or bank transfer – note for bank transfer you will need to go into your bank account to action as it is not an automatic process from this system. No refunds if cancelled within 48 hours of session or no shows.

3 max in gong bath sessions from my home.

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Relaxation to the sounds of gongs and singing bowls

Based on ancient wisdom, the gongs vibrate at the same frequency as the body allowing the body to heal itself. The sounds and vibrations of the gong create deep relaxation and a state of meditation by altering brain waves from a Beta (waking state) to Theta and Delta (deep meditation). No water is involved in a Gong Bath Meditation. During a session you lay on your mat or sit if you prefer in comfort and allow the sounds to “wash” over you and immerse yourself in the healing sounds. Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls and other soothing sounds are used to induce a meditative state and a feeling of intense relaxation.

It is particularly effective with stress-related illnesses and helping people feel able to cope with difficult situations.

It’s also really effective for people who want to meditate, but struggle to quieten the mind.  The sounds will do the work for you by balancing out the left and right sides of the brain.

Sessions are 60 mins and £12.50 – 15 – The Full and New moon (held in Rawmarsh) with Cacao are 90 mins and £20. See booking dates for venue.

For Rawmarsh they are held at my home and are 3 maximum per session and can also be booked to suit, just contact me to arrange. Address details given when payment received.

Wentworth – Mechanic Institute – Main Street, Wentworth, S62 7TL. (free parking over the road)

Billingley Village Hall, Back Lane, Barnsley, S72 0JF, limited car parking spaces at the hall but space on the road at the front of the hall.

Whiston Parish Hall, Well Lane, Whiston, S60 4HX

No refunds for no shows or cancellations within 48 hours of the session.





Additional information

individual dates

Thursday 20 June Wentworth 7pm, Friday 21st June Solstice with cacao Rawmarsh 7pm, Thursday 27 June Rawmarsh 7pm, Tuesday 2nd July 7.40pm Billingley, Friday 5th July New Moon Rawmarsh 7pm, Wednesday 10 July 7pm Rawmarsh, Thursday 18th July Wentworth 7pm, Sunday 21st July Full Moon Rawmarsh 4pm, Monday 29 July 7pm Rawmarsh, Thursday 15 August Wentworth 7pm

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