What is Shungite and why should I be interested.....

 Shungite is a mineral found in Russia (from Shunga) that is black in colour and known for effectively purifying water. It contains antioxidant properties to protect the body cells from Electromagnetic Forces (EMF)  which is of great concern currently with the installation of 5G around the country..Its a great stone for working with your Root Chakra and helps create a powerful shield from any unwanted energies therefore a natural source of healing and protection

 Benefits of handmade Shungite jewellery:

Personal EMF protection on a daily basis

 Wearing natural Shungite stone jewellery on a daily basis you will shield yourself from electro-magnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones, computers and numerous other gadgets we constantly use. 

 Stress relief   

 Protecting you from all the negativity of the outside world and filling you with energy, Shungite will help to deal with stress and anxiety.  Shungite jewellery will keep you focused and let you be productive and successful at work despite the constant pressure of everyday life

Shungite Pendants  

life Shungite pendants are the perfect tool for ensuring your personal protection in your daily life. While wearing the Shungite pendant will help you to feel the positive effects on both your body and your soul. Positive energies are drawn towards the Shungite wearer. If you suffer with anxiety, depression, headaches and/or insomnia then Shungite is the stone for you.  Its a great pendant to wear if you feel easily drained by the energy of other people

Chakra Balancing 

Wearing natural Shungite will improve your mood and keep the energy flowing and balance your Root Chakra along with a feeling of stability and harmony. Shungite 

Shungite and Water

 Shungite possesses numerous properties that may improve the state of your drinking water and filtering it from toxins  


 In our modern lives we are surrounded  by mobile phones, t.v’s and computers along with microwaves that may be causing sensitivities to our health in the form of disrupted sleep patterns, emotional instability, mood swings, anxiety, regular headaches and  weakened immune systems and as all the gadgets emit electromagnetic radiations that form the electromagnetic fields (EMF) this can then have a detrimental effect on our health in the future. The installation of 5G across the country is causing concerns of the amount of electromagnetic waves that are/will be emitted.   As Shungite is known for its absorbing and protecting properties due to its natural geomagnetic material its the ideal choice to wear, place near your electrical gadgets to neutralise. You can also buy stickers for your mobile phones – www.oraphim.name   




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